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Animals Angels (Germany) -

Animals Australia -
Please sign our Petition - Download and print the petition calling for an end to live export of animals to the Middle East. IOver 110,000 signatures have already been tabled! - Download Petition (.pdf)

Anonymous for Animals (Israel) -

Against Animal Cruelty Tasmaina - - Australian Polical Party - - -

ARLAN - Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network - New Zealand

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel

Sirius Global Animal Orgainsation


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Links to other Animal Rights & Welfare Organisations

Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty

Queensland Group for Animal Rights 
Great site with loads of information for all animal lovers.
Information and Stories About Life With Animals
NSW Young Lawyers - Animal Welfare Committee 
Animals used in Asia for food and medicine  
Animal welfare site in Croatia As Property.htm
created to inform, explain & stimulate realistic ways to perceive  non human animals, to persuade, to arouse emotions, and communicate deep emotional experiences via the dissemination of truth
SHARK is dedicated to ending the abuse and suffering of animals everywhere!
Scooby is, and has always been, a leading association dealing with the rescue of Galgo dogs in Spain.It all started in 1997 with a few rescued dogs.
HappyCow's vegetarian restaurants guide is a global, searchable vegetarian dining guide and directory of natural health food stores, including nutrition & health tips, vegan recipes, raw foods, travel, veganism and other vegetarian issues.
Animal Rahat (relief) is a fledgling non profit organisation that was created to make a difference in the lives of working bullocks, donkeys, ponies and horses in India / Animal - Animal Web Directory

Welfare for Animals Global - WAG is an international political lobby and advocacy force based in New York City. Our purpose is to expose the brutal abuse and blatant neglect of all animals - companion, farmed, captive, and wild - be it in the United States of America, the states of the European Union, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Brazil, China, Korea or the islands of the Caribbean - and lobby for reform.


Discussion Groups / Blogs
Of Human and Non-Human Animals - Animal issues debates, news, reflections, putting them into a wider political arena. Ethical and political foundations of an animal movement.
English/Portuguese animal rights/welfare blog site


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