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  • 18 July 2009 - In Tasmania, Australia’s island state, egregious cases of animal cruelty are
    finally getting to the courts, after unconscionable delays - press release

  • 14 Dec 2006 - Tasmania is the capital state for animal abuse, says Live Export Shame Tasmania, describing recent court decisions relating to two farmers who have starved literally hundreds of animals to death as 'travesties'. Live Export Shame Tasmania says that they send a clear message that if you want to seriously abuse animals, then Tasmania is the place to do it - press release

  • 29 Nov 2006 - Live Export Shame has joined the calls of Animals Australia and PACAT for Minister McGauran and AQIS not to allow any more animals to be loaded onto the problem-plagued "Maysora", following the deaths of hundreds of cattle and the suspension of the sheep trade with Israel amidst animal health concerns. We also commemorate the 40,000 sheep the "Maysora" took to be butchered in Egypt..." read more

  • 19 Nov 2006 - Roberts "Al Messilah" voyage of February 2006 is right up there with the top of the mortality rates, with over 1,600 sheep dying, yet the AQIS mortality report is not publicly available - view press release

  • 16 Nov 2006 - The Live export trade sails into another animal welfare disaster - over 500 calves die as Israel suspends sheep trade with Australia - Israel suspends trade

  • 25 Oct 2006 - The Tasmanian community has been rocked by the number of very serious cruelty cases appearing before the courts in the state. Animal activists, while shocked by the appalling cruelty, are particularly concerned by the lenient sentences handed down by the courts and are urging magistrates to make the 'punishment fit the crime - view press release

  • 18 Oct 2006 - Animal activists in Tasmania were outraged when Robert Charles Gregg, the Tasmanian Midlands farmer who starved to death over 150 sheep, and almost 1,000 more, received from the courts what was described as a "sick joke", a one month, wholly suspended sentence - view press release

  • 16 Oct 2006 - Robert Charles Gregg, a sheep farmer from York Plains in the Midlands of Tasmania, will face the Hobart Magistrates’ Court on several charges under the Animal Welfare Act - view media release

  • Oct 2006 - Agriculture Minister McGauran announced yesterday that two Memoranda of Understanding had been signed with Egypt with the stated intention of ensuring the welfare of Australian cattle exported there. - view media release

  • 26 Sept 2006 - Fight continues over import of Australian sheep - view article in THE EMIRATES EVENING POST

  • 21 Sept 2006 - Live export shipments to Egypt tipped to resume - view article

  • 21 Sept 2006 - Traders mince Peta proposal, Say that any move to end the import of live Australian sheep will slaughter their business - view article in THE EMIRATES EVENING POST

  • 19 Sept 2006 - Opponents of live sheep trade head to Middle East - view article

  • 19 Sept 2006 - DUBAI call to Ban live animal imports totally - view article in THE EMIRATES EVENING POST

  • 14 Sept 2006 - Peta targets live exports - view article & Peta steps up campaign - view article

  • 10 August 2006 - Live Export and livestock agents Roberts Limited will be facing the courts again next Wednesday (August 16) on charges under Section 7, the “mis-management” provisions of the Animal Welfare Act. - view release

  • 6 August 2006 - Live Export Shame Tasmania says it is bitterly disappointed with the response of Primary Industries Minister David Llewellyn to a series of complaints made under the Animal Welfare Act - view release

  • 31 July 2006 - “World leader” in export animals’ welfare shown up by Brazil - Despite claims by Minister McGauran, LiveCorp and Meat and Livestock Australia that Australia leads the world in animal welfare in its live export trade, Australia has been shown up by competitor Brazil, claims Live Export Shame Tasmania. view release

  • 31 July 2006 - “The Countryman” editor takes luxury holiday - Live Export Shame Tasmania has enjoyed “Countryman” editor Cameron Morse’s account of his recent trip on the “Becrux” to the Middle East, although as fairytales go, we have read better. view release

  • July 2006 - Campaign organization Live Export Shame (Tasmania) has slammed the Media Release from Agriculture Minister McGauran’s office, claiming that the report it quotes is fundamentally flawed - view release

  • July 2006 - Hassall and Associates sails into another credibility disaster - view release

  • July 2006 - Open Letter to Minister McGauran and the Howard Government - view release

  • 19 April 2006 - Grandin Statement - evaluation of 2006 Middle East Live Export Investigation footage by Grandin Livestock Handling Systems Inc. - view statement







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