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[1] David Balfour & Daryl Balfour-dog/cat breeders found guilty of animal cruelty

[2] Northern Territory woman fined $5,000 after her 14 horses found malnourished

[3] Do vegetarian diets cause more harm to animals? 20.12.2011

[4] Hunt for cruel family dog killer. 21.12.2011

[5] Banned wild dog traps to be reintroduced in Victoria 22.12.2011

[6] Online news editor ordered to pay RSPCA $100K for defamation

[7] Complaint against RSPCA chief dropped only on jurisdictional grounds

[8] Head of RSPCA NSW to face court over cruelty claims 18.12.2011

[9] Ballarat Saleyard Manager describes ill and injured sheep as 'rubbish'


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