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WA Export Info:
Rocky - you miss the point; we're talking about Animal Welfare, as it affects the animal, not how it affects the farmers profitiability.
What you appear to be saying is that the CRUELTY, ABUSE & NEGLECT is excusable because jobs are at stake; and as animals also die on the farm and in abattoirs, what difference does more suffering on a ship make......there's just no compassion is there, no thought of any animals individual health and welfare?

As for presenting one side of the story; our site is filled with information from all areas of the Industry itself and the government that backs this uneconomic, vile trade. We're looking at the real 'big picture', not just a insular view from within the industry.

With regards to live export, people get to only one side of it, they ant getting the full story or full picture. Its bad press, and people shouldnt judge on what they hear on the news.
Yes i was involed in the live exprt trade for four years. I will be returning back to the job in a few months.
Yes i will the first to adment, that things go wrong in the trade, but not very offten. I have done 20 trips to the middle east, on both ship and cattle boats As a stock men. 19 trips went very well, 1 trip ended up well, but could have ended in diaster. But what saved it, was the good work by myself. the boat crew, and the export company in aussie.

I would like to make a comment about what one other person has wrote, about rebuilding the chilled carcase trade, and how it would create jobs in the rural ares.
Ok close the live exprt trade tomorrow, what happens, you have job lossies,
about 9000 alone involed with the trade. But wait there is more, truck drives miss out, they miss out, shears miss out, feed lot staff miss out, the office girls miss out, poeple who grow hay, they miss out. This is only a small number off people, think on a bigger scale, the boat crew on the ships, they miss out, and for those guys its the only thing they know how, how are you going to tell there familys back home that they can eat because Dad hasnt got a job.

The big people who miss out is the farmers there selfs. If live export closed down, the price of beef and mutton per kg to the farm would go down. Meat compaines would have a price and thats it. To keep meat compaines honest you need compantion.
plus live export can take a lagre number of stock of a farmers place, which is good for the farmer, if things are drying up and cant feed his stock.
Abbattiors can only kill a  number of stock per day, so if you have 60 famers wanting to sell stock that week, then they have to wait for space to come up.

Live stock die on ships, there is no hiding that. But there would be more stock deaths on farms, people just dont get to see it, with the bush and all that. Bush fires kill large number of live stock.

Abbattiors only kill fat stock. so if we are in a drought, and there is no feed, how do we fatten live stock.
Live export, buy lighter stock, for the fact that other the next 3 weeks, they have a boat trip. sheep which are fat, dont trave on boats, it to hot and they die.
Light stock get power feed on ships. there is feed 24 hours a day for them. So with in 3 weeks on a ship they should and do walk off in prime condtions.

So should we stop the trade....

WA Export Info:
Technical Issue:

Q - Why is it necessary to register in order to vote in a poll

A -  The main reason we don't allow guest voting is that there is absolutely no way to prevent a guest from voting multiple times in the same poll, and it would also allow members to vote multiple times in the same poll (ie they vote once as a member, then logout and vote a bunch more times as a guest). Even if we tried, there's always a way to cheat in a poll - mainly by logging into another computer and voting again.

Cookies - probably the best method, but it's extremely easy to delete cookies, and cookies are not cross-browser compatible, so switching to another browser would allow them to vote again.

Session - as soon as they close their browser, browse away from the forum for a while or switch to a different browser, they'll have a different session ID.

IP - not reliable at all. Dialup users don't have the same IP very often, and even if you've got broadband internet, it's still pretty easy to change your IP

In all three of those situations, a guest can simply go to a different computer to vote again.

It wouldn't be fair to our forum requires registration as a means of tracking users, and thus keeping the vote as fair as possible for all users.

Export News Tasmania:
We all know that the live exporting farmers had no worries about the disappearing local processing sector, or the jobs of meatworkers as long as they got a few extra dollars per head for animals. We know too that they are excellent at turning a blind eye to the shocking cruelty the animals they send face. Now, they have been caught by the drought, and there is insufficient processing capacity. What goes around comes around! Don't throw them any more handouts, because this proves that they cannot manage their businesses like everyone else has to.

WA Export Info:
Australia should discontinue the Live Animal Export trade to other countries on ethical and compassionate grounds alone.
However, discontinuing the Live Animal Export trade would also benefit Australian abattoirs; many Australian abattoirs have 'Halal' certification and would welcome the chance to re-build the chilled carcass trade that has been decimated by the Live Animal Export trade. It would also restore many other rural jobs that have been lost; approximately twice as many jobs have disappeared from closed Australian abattoirs and associated business' as have supposedly been 'created' by the live export industry.

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