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Export News Tasmania:
How many investigations, showing the same atrocities, do there need to be? Having spent years around saleyards watching ill, crippled and dying animals transported there, sold, and transported onwards regardless of their pain and suffering (and I have prosecuted them, in one instance for starving 35 sheep for 9 days), it is something of a leap to expect us to believe that farmers or indeed any of these animal 'industries' 'care' for their animals. Daily we see four deck transporters packed so tighly with animals you can clearly see that they are thrown on top of one another.
You only have to read one of the latest posts quoting a goat 'producer' (I thought animals themselves were the producers, but I guess that's semantic) who says he 'doesn't know'; how the animals he exports are killed. And for those who didn't know, that's the way they like it. The most culpable entity in this, Meat and Livestock Australia, will now have to provide for the animals saved from the Indonesian fate. And information from the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union directly contradicts your assertions.
You people claim to be 'in business'. Other businesses in this country have to operate within ethical and moral stanards and in compliance with a multiplicity of regulations and government policies and have to deal with changes in those policies. Why is it that farmers think they are different? They have their hands out when there's drought, and they have their hands out when it rains. And we taxpayers are continually bailing them out. Other businesses are left to fold, without constant government handouts. Enough. This trade has got away with far too much for FAR TOO LONG, now it will end. Deal with it. We manage to live healthy, productive lives without exploiting animals. We have some chickens who lived lives of hell on battery farms who are here for the rest of their lives. And my brain got me through two post-graduate degrees without meat.

It is dissapointing that you do not investigate this matter futher and are happy to accept the propaganda you saw on the television as the truth and the only truth and continue to regurgitate the misinformation.

No I cannot be at every kill, like many of you I have a full time job in the city. However, I have seen animals slaughtered because I believe if you eat meat, you must understand how it gets to your table. Many of you would have never seen a cow, a horse or a chicken, let alone seen how it gets to your table. This is part of the problem. 

Yes I believe the farmers, I've been one. No, not all are caring and respectful of their animals, but neither are all city people caring and respectful of their cats, and dogs.

To those of you offended by the words "stock" and "produce", here's a history lesson. Cattle have been domesticated for many thousands of years. And as heartless as this might sound to you they were domesticated so that people could eat them. And without protein from meat, we would not be human, our brains would not have developed to what we now have. We would still be in trees.

And as for the slaughter industry here If you want in Australia, the abbatoirs in Townsville cannot handle the meat they are processing, their chillers cannot cool it fast enough and their are massive backlogs of cattle booked in to be slaughtered, that they keep deferring.

And what are you doing about the animals stuck in yards, stuck on trucks, who were destined for live export but are now in limbo. Are you even aware of thier existence? Do you care for their welfare? What becomes of them now?

This link has some letters from real farmers, people who have been effected and who care about their animals -

WA Export News:
Bulya. You miss the point. The issue of live export is not about humans. It is about cruelty and suffering to Australian animals. And Australian animals suffer in the Middle East and in Indonesia.

It must be noted that the live export trade has destroyed over 40000 jobs within the slaughter industry here in AU.

Australia does not need live export.

Banning the live export has and will do nothing for animal and human welfare issues in Indonesia, all has done is created a animal and human welfare issues in Australia.
Why don't we ban all trade with China as they do not have the Australian work, Health and safety standards.
Ban trade with Japan they are hunting the whales again.

Export News Tasmania:
It is sad indeed when farmers believe the propaganda touted by the live export trade. Seven investigations in the Middle East, and now this one in Indonesia, cannot all be wrong. The inherent problem is evidenced by your terminology, tankgirl - 'stock' and 'produce' are terms that should never be applied to animals, who feel hunger, thirst, fear, pain, and lonelieness. MLA's response is 'we need to do more training'. They only ever considered training at all because they were exposed for the liars they are about 'improving animal welfare' in these Godforsaken countries (you only have to consider what they do to their women, for God's sake). Many of us survive and live healthy lives without killing and exploiting these sentient creatures. And no-one cared when 40,000 meat workers lost THEIR livelihoods when you people got greedy and got into this evil trade three decades or more ago. And let's get this straight ... these embodiments of greed and animal abuse now want COMPENSATION from the taxpayers (as if we haven't propped them up for long enough) AND they want their animal abuse back? And we should trust you people that you could ever get it right? We think not.


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