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RSS - XML news feed
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2007, 05:54:57 PM »
We've set up a  RSS / XMlL News Feed for the forum.

What's a News Feed ?
A news feed is where postings to a forum, blog or other are output to a RSS / XML file; this file can be read by News Feed readers, and now by Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox 2 browsers (see bottom of post).

What's a News Feed Reader?
News Feed readers are small programs that receive RSS / XML news feeds from syndicated and other sources, delivering the updated news articles to your desktop.

Get a free RSS/XML News Reader
FeedReader is a stand alone reader.
Pluck RSS Reader this one integrates into Internet Explorer giving it RSS reading ability.
Tristana RSS Reader another stand alone reader
RSSReader this one requires Microsoft's .Net framework installing first

Other RSS/XML News Feeds are listed here by category

Valid RSS - Validate my RSS feed

RSS - XML News Feed
you may either click the feed link icon for a particular board in the main forum index to receive a direct feed, or the feedmailer icon to receive the feed with your other feeds at FeedMailer via email.

alternatively you can copy the URL below (without the enclosing brackets) to receive a feed for the entire forum, and paste into your Feed Reader or into your browsers address bar

If you are using Firefox 2 browser, you can paste the above URL into the address bar and use Live Bookmarks to subscribe to the feed.
This feature is also available in the new Internet Explorer 7.

After you have entered the URL into the address bar, and gone to the resulting forum page, click the feed subscribe icon (at end of address bar in Firefox 2, or next to the homepage icon in IE7) to view the feed contents.

For more information on this feature;
  • in Firefox 2, click the Help menu; then go to Menu Reference - Bookmarks - Subscribe to This Page.
  • in Internet Explorer 7, click the Help menu, then Contents and Index - Using Feeds (RSS) in Internet Explorer - How to subscribe to a Feed

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