Author Topic: New Ride at Texas State Fair - 'entertainment' for humans at Redneck Central  (Read 16517 times)


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Are these people all there? I mean are they simply stupid- without any common sense and decency?

Jes Obama really does have his work cut out for him- and they came from Bush's stomping ground. Guess that says it all really.

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New Ride at Texas State Fair - 'entertainment' for humans at Redneck Central
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 07:58:12 AM »
Well this takes the prize in Neanderthal behaviour; these 'brave' moron's take pleasure in tormenting a captive bull, and eventually get their just reward.

This so called 'fun and entertainment' is at the expense of an animal that is incapable of defending itself against enslavement, torment and abuse by mankind's use of technology.

How many times a day would this bull, and others, be teased and tormented just for 'human entertainment'; and what happens to those bulls that are injured during this 'fun event' - you can bet they don't get any veterinarian care, unlike the human morons that would be rushed to an emergency hospital.

Most people wouldn't treat a child in this manner; so why do it to an animal that is even more incapable of understanding, and defending itself against such torment and abuse?

So what sort of person thinks up these methods of tormenting animals ?

A fairer test of 'bravery' would be to stand in a open field with the bull and then torment it - and without having it's horns blunted beforehand, the bull could probably remove some of these mentally challenged humans from the gene pool.

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