Author Topic: Cruel vile Curacoa Island children bludgeon baby goat to death  (Read 6067 times)

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Re: Cruel vile Curacoa Island children bludgeon baby goat to death
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Lock up the juvenile psycopaths and throw away the key.

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Cruel vile Curacoa Island children bludgeon baby goat to death
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2011, 11:34:43 AM »
THE RSPCA will investigate the brutal killing of a baby goat on a North Queensland island after the youths responsible were caught in the act on camera.

The senseless attack occurred on Curacoa Island, which forms part of the Palm Island group, and has left the RSPCA and the island's mayor outraged.

A Townsville woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Bulletin she was sailing with friends from the Sunshine Coast at the weekend when she saw the incident.

The woman said the attack left her "sick to the stomach" but she did not try to intervene because she thought the goat's fate was sealed and she feared for her own safety.

She said she heard the goat "letting out sickening bleats of unimaginable pain" during the beating and, after each thud, she could here the children laughing.

The woman said that before the goat was bludgeoned to death, the children had just killed an adult goat in the same way. "This was the most disgraceful act of cruelty I have ever witnessed," she said.

"I understand that goats are a food source. What I don't understand is the way this disgusting slaughter took place."

The woman said her friends were eager to see the best of the North, but whenever they thought of Palm Island they would be haunted by images of the attack.

Palm Island Mayor Alf Lacey said he was horrified by the incident and did not want people to think it was a common practice of the island community. "The behaviour that is being displayed disappoints me, but more so the people of Palm Island," he said.

"It's very cruel and no doubt there will be questions being asked in this community about those kids involved in that incident."

Cr Lacey said while goats were hunted on the island for food, locals used "traditional practices" to kill the animals that were quick and humane.

"I'd hope those visitors who sailed through our beautiful waters will not take only that image away with them," he said.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the animal welfare group had been provided with copies of the photos and would be investigating.

Mr Beatty said the incident was "very disappointing" given the RSPCA had been working closely with the Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council to address animal cruelty on the island, particularly with horses that ran wild through the community.

"We feel that we'd made significant inroads in improving animal welfare on the island, so this particular incident is not only disturbing, but also disappointing," he said.

Mr Beatty said the RSPCA's education department had recently been to Palm Island to teach the locals about animal welfare.

The woman who took the photographs said she hoped the children responsible were disciplined so they understood what they did was wrong.