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Re: Head of RSPCA NSW to face court over cruelty claims 18.12.2011
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This is a report given to me by a previous Carer at the NSW RSPCA, (which reads like most reports I get from people who have horror stories about every office in the nation pretty much)!

As a foster carer, I had kittens returned that would be put down if I couldn't care for them when they had caught calici virus at the Shelter or other viruses that were out of control in the Shelter. This is despite the fact that they had already been desexed, vaccinated and up for adoption. Cats up for adoption that were not coping and therefore no one would want to buy would be euthanased. I had two ex foster mums that were not coping. If I could not find homes for them, they would be euthanased. I found a home for one and I kept the other but had to pay full adoption price even though it was clear that I was adopting her to save her life, not because I wanted cat #6 in my household.

Conditions at the Yagoona Shelter are out dated and terrible. One of my ex foster mums became aggressive and bit a Shelter worker. I explained about the changes required that would help but they keep saying that they don't have enough money. A friend was kind enough to save her life by adopting her. This cat was good with me and has become the best companion cat my friend has ever had. A pensioner that has been doing charity work and fostering was told that her ex foster cat would be euthanased if she didn't adopt her. The pensioner had to pay full price for the cat, even though she didn't really want it.

The RSPCA are all about taking and using their foster carers with no consideration, unfortunately. I also felt sorry for the so called healthy mums that were desexed whilst still feeding their young. This happens with Yagoona, don't know about other Shelters. Desexing whilst feeding can cause mums having less milk and it is BELIEVED to cause mastitis. I only had two mother cats that were desexed whilst feeding and both got mastitis. Experts believe a cat should not be desexed until after feeding. RSPCA defends themselves for desexing the mum cats going out into foster homes as they MAY go into heat and escape from the foster home to find a mate. Cannot argue and win about this. No expert will go against the RSPCA.

I had RSPCA staff as facebook friends who complained about me to ones higher up for speaking out. I was phoned by one informing me that if I continued, they could take action against me for inflammatory posts. I told him what I mention is through my experience and they were facts. Of course they had that gravy train director who worked as their solicitor who would fly business class and would accumulate high fees. He had to stand down but I BELIEVE he still is hired by RSPCA.

RSPCA is no different from any big charity organisation. It is a fact that a small percentage goes to the cause...other goes to admin and corporate side. Auxiliary workers would go out of their way to raise money but the corporate side still enjoyed their perks. CEOs like in any other corporation even charity, make good incomes as you would know. By law, they are not doing anything illegal. Euthanase if not enough homes. I understand if there was the demand for dogs and cats, there wouldn't be the high euthanasing. They are for profits first, but that is not illegal. I never found them to be flexible and bullies rule.

I left the RSPCA because of the way I was treated - anyone would think that they were doing me a favour. Already have 6 fostering with them could end up with more as they euthanase whenever a cat is not coping. Then have the nerve to charge full price even to pensioners who have done voluntary work for them. JOKE!

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Head of RSPCA NSW to face court over cruelty claims 18.12.2011
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Head of RSPCA to face court over cruelty claims

    From: AAP
    December 18, 2011

THE head of the RSPCA will appear in a Sydney court on Monday over alleged animal cruelty.

RSPCA president Dr Peter Wright was absent from a Sunday media announcement that the NSW government was contributing $7.5 million towards refurbishing the organisation's Yagoona animal shelter, in Sydney's southwest.

Media were informed Dr Wright was absent because of a family illness before NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell fielded questions about his court appearance.

"The rules apply to everybody, whether you're associated with an organisation or you're a member of the public," Mr O'Farrell said when asked about the matter.

"There's no favouritism. The laws apply equally and the courts get to determine whether or not charges are proven."

Katrina Hodgkinson, the minister responsible for the RSPCA, said: "We'll just wait and see what happens in the court tomorrow."

Asked whether Dr Wright would be standing down from his position, RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman responded: "That's a matter for the courts".

Court lists show a hearing for Peter Wright is listed for mention in Downing Centre Local Court on Monday.