Author Topic: Greens condemn RSPCA free-range porkies 9.1.2012  (Read 2282 times)

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Greens condemn RSPCA free-range porkies 9.1.2012
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Media release: 9 January 2012

The RSPCA has abandoned ethical consumers and genuine free-range pig farmers with their new shoddy pork accreditation and labelling
standards, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye (SMH, 9 Jan, "RSPCA stamp 'dupes buyers'", page 5,

Greens NSW MP John Kaye said: "The RSPCA is allowing their reputation as a leading animal welfare agency to be used by industrial pork producers and retailers to mislead consumers into buying meat that is far from free-range.

"Shoppers would be appalled to learn that the so-called RSPCA accredited 'outdoor' pork they purchased involved cramming two growing pigs into less than a square metre.

"With stocking densities 78 times industry best practice, the RSPCA has abandoned animal lovers and ethical consumers in favour of the big industrial pork producers.

"The terms 'free-range' and 'outdoor' are not just about removing cages, for consumers these labels should guarantee the best possible
treatment for pigs. That is not what consumers are getting when they buy RSPCA accredited pork.

"RSPCA has outlined two very different outdoor systems but removed their labelling requirements. Consumers purchasing RSPCA-approved pork will have no way of knowing which system their meat has come from.

"By letting producers and retailers choose the terms used on the label of their approved products, the RSPCA is allowing its name to be
associated with some highly deceptive descriptions of animal treatment.

"Ethical consumers should be able to buy genuine free-range pork products with peace of mind. Instead they are faced with shoddy
labelling accreditation and weak welfare standards.

"The Greens are calling on the NSW Minister for Fair Trading to introduce a standard definition and labelling system to end the
deception of consumers and guarantee protect genuine free-range pork farmers and their animals," Dr Kaye said.

For more information:  John Kaye 0407 195 455

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