Author Topic: RSPCA do not accredit free range farms. Is the labelling used misleading?  (Read 2463 times)

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RSPCA do not accredit free range farms. Is the labelling used misleading?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2012, 10:49:35 PM »
Row over free range claim extends to smallgoods

By Sarina Locke

Monday, 09/01/2012

A complaint has been lodged with consumer watchdog the ACCC against smallgood manufacturer Primo, alleging its free range meat label is misleading.

The label has the RSPCA tick of approval, which is given to products that come from RSPCA approved farms.

Lee McCosker with Humane Choice, an alternative accreditation body, lodged the complaint.

She says big companies are writing their own rules about free range.

"The current label would lead consumers to incorrectly believe that it is an RSPCA product, or at the very least, that it is endorsed as free range by the RSPCA, when in fact the RSPCA do not accredit free range farms."

Primo Smallgoods has declined to comment, other than to say its label is approved by the RSPCA.

The RSPCA's scientific officer Melina Tensen has defended the endorsement of free range animal products.

"We have standards where animals have access to the outdoors and those standards need to be met in order for a product to have the term free range," she says.

"That's why we encourage consumers to look at our standards and if it does say free-range on the product it means that our standards for giving animals access to the outdoors have been met."