Author Topic: Kangaroo cruelty concern - Border Mail 12.01.2012  (Read 2208 times)

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Kangaroo cruelty concern - Border Mail 12.01.2012
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THE kangaroo dragged through Wodonga is the second case of cruelty to the national icon on the Border in two days.

A kangaroo was found on Tuesday in the Stanley State Forest with its throat cut.

Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter owner Glenda Elliott said she was shocked to hear the kangaroo was dumped in Wodonga’s main street, but was not shocked such an attack had happened.

One of her employees found the dead kangaroo with its throat cut “from ear to ear” on the side of Number One Road between Yackandandah and Stanley on Tuesday.

“It is a very big kangaroo, you can see the marks on the ground where he put up a fight,” Mrs Elliott said.

“There’s no other injuries, it’s just got its throat slit from ear to ear, straight across, it’s too neat for any animal to have done.”

She said they regularly found evidence of cruelty to animals in the bush.

A few years ago she found a wallaby in the bush that had been dragged behind a car.

The ropes were still tied on the body, which had barely any skin left after it had been dragged along the bush floor.

“We have seen so many cruel things,” she said.

“We have found wombats with their ears cut off, found people deliberately running off the road to hit the animals.

“So many horrible things seem to happen to wildlife and no one seems to care.”

On being informed of the incident yesterday afternoon, one of the volunteers at the wildlife centre could not stop crying.

Mrs Elliott said the centre had many volunteers from overseas who regularly saw cruelty to the native animals.

“They can’t understand it,” she said of the overseas visitors.

“Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world with the most beautiful wildlife and (the volunteers) are shocked at how people treat them.”

She said those responsible for dragging the kangaroo through Wodonga were a concern to have in society.

“What’s wrong with these people that they can do this,” she said.

“It makes you so ashamed of the human race.”

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