Author Topic: 19 yr old Albury man charged over horrific death and dragging of a kangaroo  (Read 2343 times)

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19 yr old Albury man charged over horrific death and dragging of a kangaroo
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Albury man charged with roo killing, dragging
14 Jan, 2012

AN Albury man was charged late last night over the horrific death and dragging of a kangaroo through the streets of Wodonga on Wednesday.

Police revealed early this morning that the man, 19, was arrested after members of the public found references to the incident on Facebook and that reports in The Border Mail also led to people contacting Wodonga police.

Police said the man had been charged with aggravated cruelty on a kangaroo.

They said the man was alleged to have intentionally driven over the kangaroo and then killed it by kicking it.

Police said the man also allegedly killed the kangaroo’s joey “in inhumane circumstances”.

“No doubt, the matter was resolved quickly because of the assistance we gained from the public,” Sen-Sgt Damian Bould said.

“We would still like to speak with any other members of the public who may have information.”

Police said the investigation was ongoing, with another man believed to have been in the vehicle at the time.

The charged man is to appear before the Wodonga Magistrates Court next month.

A woman walking past found the kangaroo dumped near the Westpac Bank in High Street, Wodonga, on Wednesday at 3.30am.

It had been left with a rope tied around its neck and arm, while its fur and skin had been grazed from its body.

The kangaroo’s neck was cut and it was face down on the pavement.

The remnants of the roo left a 30-metre trail down Wodonga’s main street.

Heavy rain had failed to remove a visible trail marking where the kangaroo had been dragged through the city.

The other signs of the kangaroo being dragged were in Holmes Court, De Kerilleau Drive, and Lawrence Street.