Author Topic: UK: Live exports not politically acceptable. 10.2.2012  (Read 1134 times)

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UK: Live exports not politically acceptable. 10.2.2012
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Live exports not politically acceptable.

 IT is not politically acceptable to have livestock being exported for slaughter, MHKs were told.

In the House of Keys, Agriculture Minister Phil Gawne was asked by fellow Rushen MHK Laurence Skelly if his department supported the exportation for slaughter and, if not, how he intended to combat this growing trend.

The minister replied: ‘This is something which is exercising quite a lot of people’s minds at the moment, and I note there is a lot of correspondence in the newspapers on this topic.

‘I very much welcome the recent moves by the directors of the meat plant to alter their pricing matrix, to encourage livestock to the slaughter process through the meat plant, rather than being exported live for slaughter. There is absolutely no doubt it is not felt to be politically acceptable to export vast numbers of livestock for slaughter. I am working with Isle of Man Meats to try and find ways in which we can reduce and, indeed, remove altogether the requirement to have to export animals for slaughter.’

Mr Gawne defended the Countryside Care Scheme which he described as a ‘revolutionary change’ to the industry. He said a review was under way but ruled out a return to the old system of production subsidies, adding a recent consultation showed the overwhelming majority were in favour of the scheme.

By Adrian Darbyshire
Published on Friday 10 February 2012