Author Topic: Jakarta staying out of Aust abbatoir fuss  (Read 1131 times)

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Jakarta staying out of Aust abbatoir fuss
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2012, 03:20:08 PM »
AAP 10.02.2012: INDONESIA'S deputy agriculture minister has refused to weigh into the issue of animal cruelty at an abattoir in Sydney, saying it is a matter for Australia.

The suspension of operations at a western Sydney slaughterhouse comes less than a year after Canberra imposed a temporary ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia over issues of cruelty.

But Indonesia's Deputy Agriculture Minister, Bayu Krisnamurthi, said his government would not be weighing into what was a domestic problem in Australia's animal industry.

"It's for Australian businesses to be judged by the Australian public," he said.

Video footage aired on Australian television last night showed a worker at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors bashing a pig several times over the head with a metal bar.

Another pig was hit 13 times because it had not been stunned properly.

Live cattle exports from Australia to Indonesia were suspended in June after video of the mistreatment of cattle in Indonesian abattoirs prompted outrage and widespread criticism from animal welfare groups and many Australians.

It also caused serious tensions between Canberra and Jakarta with Indonesia's Agriculture Minister Suswono labelling the move as "unfair" and complaining it was announced without any consultation.

Analysts and those involved in the cattle industry in Australia say live exports to Indonesia are unlikely to fully recover as a result of the suspension.