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Incapable of compliance. By Stop Tasmanian Animal Cruelty
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Dear Premier and Agriculture Minister,

 Please find attached complaints to DAFF relating to breaches of OIE codes, the ASEL (V2.3) and the Animal Welfare Act 2002 (WA). Please note that we have also filed complaints with the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board of WA in relation to the latter two complaints, and we ask the Australian Livestock Transporters’ Association to review and advise on all three complaints.

The exporters concerned are Livestock Shipping Services and Wellards in these instances, but these are by no means isolated ones.

We have also forwarded the complaints to relevant political and government representatives, the OIE (International Organisation for Animal Health) and its member countries which import Australian animals and/or meat, and to various domestic and international media outlets. Our complaints clearly demonstrate that Australia is incapable of compliance even with the minimal OIE standards, its own ASEL or State and Territory animal welfare statutes.

DAFF has yet to provide advice on what action it intends to take in relation to these breaches, other than to mention ‘preventing a recurrence’; clearly a wholly unsatisfactory response.

(To)Download (please go to the original article, link provided.)


Kind regards,
Suzanne Cass

Stop Tasmanian Animal Cruelty

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