Author Topic: Expert animal ethicist calls for a slaughterhouse the public can view. 29.2.2012  (Read 788 times)

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An animal ethicist calls for an abattoir the public can view

 A Danish animal ethicist says Australia should consider having an abattoir the public can view.

Peter Sandoe is a professor of Bioethics at the University of Copenhagen.

He told an RSPCA forum on ethics and animal welfare that slaughtering an animal doesn't have to be a secret affair.

His comments come as Australian and Indonesian abattoirs are investigated for animal cruelty, filmed by hidden cameras.

Peter Sandoe says he's proud of what Denmark has done.

"This is a slaughterhouse where pigs move voluntarily, are anaesthetised, gassed in groups, and you don't hear a sound," he said.

"You stand there, I go with vet students every year, it's quiet, it's wonderful.

"Of course it's not wonderful, with deaths, but it's still wonderful that you can do it in a quiet and nice way, with no panic, no stress."

By Sarina Locke

Wednesday, 29/02/2012