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WA-based ILF halts live cattle exports.

Western Australia-based cattle exporter International Livestock Exports has halted its shipments to an under-fire Indonesian abattoir amid concerns from ILF its export licence could be under threat, according to The Australian Financial Review.

The move comes after new footage showing the inappropriate slaughter of cattle was shown on Australian television, allegedly from the abattoir in question.

Earlier this week, ABC Television aired footage that showed workers slitting the throats of cattle without stunning them first and cutting animals up while still alive.

The cattle are believed to have been exported from Australia.

ILE director Michael Stanton told the AFR that the group had sent one of its own investigators to the Jakarta facility.

The company has exported around 50,000 head of cattle to Indonesia since the live trade resumed in August, following a short nation-wide ban on similar concerns for the treatment of cattle.

I cant believe this sort of thing can happen again after all the work we have done to get a good supply chain working, Mr Stanton said.

Agriculture department officials are investigating whether the cattle shown in the graphic footage are Australian and if the slaughterhouses are part of its approved abattoir system.

The Australian Greens have renewed their call for a ban of live exports following the news.

Cattle Council of Australia vice president Peter Hall says the abattoir should be punished rather than the entire industry.

1 Mar 2012