Author Topic: Prominent veterinarians speak out against Live Export . Not all vets support LE.  (Read 988 times)

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Fantastic NEWS:

 Vets Against Live Export are online.

A group of prominent veterinarians have founded a new organisation focusing on the need to phase out export of live animals for slaughter.

Vets Against Live Export (VALE) counts among its members and advisors two professors of animal welfare in Australian veterinary schools and an on-ship veterinarian with first-hand experience of the live trade.

VALE believe that the live export trade for slaughter exposes millions of animals to significant and unnecessary pain, suffering and abuse and that it is important  to correct the public’s impression that all vets support live export.

“VALE’s aim is to lead the transition away from live export by giving the public and government a balanced and objective scientific view of animal welfare and regulation of the industry. Our members have direct experience of the willingness of exporters to hide the truth about poor animal welfare and will be seeking to expose this to the public.”

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