Author Topic: PETA takes aim at sheep welfare 19.3.2012  (Read 1113 times)

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PETA takes aim at sheep welfare 19.3.2012
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2012, 12:38:01 PM »
Animal activists are vowing to keep up their campaigns on the welfare of Australian sheep.

The animal welfare group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals says it wants tighter controls on live exports and slaughter methods overseas.

PETA Asia-Pacific's Des Bellamy says the campaign against mulesing of local sheep will also continue.

"We have to be a worst nuisance to the wool industry (as) they could fix it," he said.

"It is easier and cheaper not to, but we will make it harder and more expensive not to, and that will tip the balance.

"It is only a matter of time, the CSIRO is working on bare breech, and everyone is having a go.

"It is only a matter of getting the motivation right - it is not the science."

Many merino sheep producers are responding to changing market conditions.

"It is something they are going to keep onto us (about)," said Greg Alcock, a sheep breeder and commercial wool producer from the NSW Monaro.

"It is not going to go away until we can find a solution."

Mr Alcock says there are ways to treat sheep for insect resistance that do not strip the tail of wool, while removing a small amount of skin to provide protection from insect attack.

"It has worked. Not a radical mules, don't take a big bare area, just take any excess wrinkles and leave the tail as wool."

By Keva Gocher

Monday, 19/03/2012