Author Topic: 300 doomed factory farm rabbits have a new life in Tasmania  (Read 1054 times)

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300 doomed factory farm rabbits have a new life in Tasmania
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StopTAC media release 15.04.2012: Hundreds of doomed rabbits have been saved from a Tasmanian factory farm.

Two Victorian groups, Freedom for Farmed Rabbits and Radical Rabbit, have joined with Big Ears Animal Sanctuary in the north of the State to rescue the 300 rabbits from an intensive rabbit farm. The Viictorian groups aim to educate the community about the horrors rabbits endure on factory farms.

With support from members, Big Ears Animal Sanctuary a not for profit organisation, has been able to purchase the entire farm system, including the 300 resident rabbits and all the equipment used in the operation of farming rabbits for their meat. Rabbit meat is served in local restaurants and sold as a gourmet product at butchers.

In late March this year, Big Ears Animal Sanctuary welcomed their new residents who had previously been suffering conditions of misery and confinement. The small cages cram in up to 12 rabbits at a time, living on hard wire flooring for years. Rabbits receive ulcerated hocks, abscesses and bite wounds from aggression caused by boredom and frustration.

The rabbits suffer immensely in these factory farms through injury and disease, as seen on Southern Cross News this evening (Sunday 15.04.2012).

'The rabbit farming industry has a 40% mortality rate, the highest in any Australian agriculture industry and the conditions in which these rescued rabbits had been forced to exist reflects this very graphically' said Hayley Budrius, spokesperson for Freedom for Farmed Rabbits.

'The majority of these rabbits would have faced a short life of illness and suffering in one of Australia's most cruel, yet fast-growing meat supply industries'.

'After working with rabbits for many years, the closing of this Rabbit Factory goes to show that this questionable industry is not financially viable in Australia and simply cannot cater for the welfare of what are otherwise intelligent, companion animals', said Karen Vondruska, founder of Radical Rabbit .

President of Big Ears Animal Sanctuary, Jacqui Steele adds, “I am honoured to have these rabbits in my care. It has been fantastic to see that these formerly caged and confined animals have been able to maintain their wild instincts.

'It is fantastic to see them hopping, digging and eating fresh grass, all of which they had been deprived of in a factory farm'.

It has been a massive job to secure a positive future for these rabbits. Rescue efforts reach as far as Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary in Willowmavin Victoria. A pair of these lucky rabbits will arrive at the sanctuary early next week. Edgar’s mission will use this rabbit rescue as a chance to educate visitors to the sanctuary on the cruelty behind the rabbit farming industry.

The current condition of many of the rescued rabbits is promising and after they have all been de-sexed, some lucky rabbits will be offered up for adoption, others can be sponsored via Big Ears Animal Sanctuary's website.

All groups involved in this compassionate rescue of suffering creatures vow to stand strong and protest against the intensive factory farming of rabbits.

All three groups are adamant that rabbit factory farming should be banned in Australia.

StopTAC would like to encourage donations to Big Ears Animal Sanctuary to assist them in the veterinary and other ongoing costs needed to care for these lucky rabbits. You may also choose to sponsor some of the rabbits through Big Ears' sponsorship program. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. We would also like to offer warmest wishes to Jacqui Steele for her recovery.

For further information please contact:

Jacqui Steele -  Big Ears Animal Sanctuary Tasmania, Phone: 0488094210

Hayley Budrius - Freedom for Farmed Rabbits Victoria on 0435499220

Pam Ahern - Edgars Mission Willomavin Victoria, 0408 397 301,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=251&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=15
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