Author Topic: Live cattle exporters caught out again - caught by animal advocates not by Govt  (Read 1172 times)

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This government is delusional, living in a parallel unverse like Craig Thomson where no standards of common decency exist - and the Opposition is as bad. How can Australian cattle be sent to slaughterhouses not accredited by the ESCAS if the ESCAS is working? It's not as if Daws and Stanton of ILE asre strangers to the courts and to serious invedtigatione either, how many chances do they get? Once again, animal advocated have uncovered the reality, and as Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills says - 'it's just the tip of the iceberg'. Let's hope he has the moral courage to stand by his position in Caucus.

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 TWO live cattle exporters have breached the new animal welfare standards less than 12 months after they were introduced by the Gillard government.

In what is likely to reignite the debate about live cattle exports to Indonesia, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is expected today to release its report on footage showing Australian cattle being mistreated at Indonesian abattoirs in January.

The graphic images -- shot covertly by Animals Australia -- show distressed cattle being poked with knife sharpeners and tripping in restraining boxes in four Jakarta abattoirs.

The report says two of the abattoirs were Australian-accredited and recommends department secretary Conall O'Connell take "regulatory action" against the North Australian Cattle Company Pty Ltd and International Livestock Export Pty Ltd.

The report identifies "information and risk gaps" in the government's export supply chain assurance system, and makes recommendations on how to close the loopholes.

The two companies could face sanctions, including refusal of approval for live export permits, restrictions on exports or cancellation of export licences.

"The investigation determined that the slaughter lines shown in the video footage at two of the four abattoirs were part of an approved exporter supply chain assurance system," the report says. "DAFF considers the cattle shown in the video footage made at one of the abattoirs to have been sourced from Australia, . . . in the other abattoir . . . the cattle are highly likely to have been sourced from Australia."

The executive summary of the report, seen by The Australian, says "slaughter lines" at two other abattoirs were not Australian-accredited and clears Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd and Wellard Rural Exports Pty Ltd of any connection with the footage.

The findings come after The Australian revealed in March that a director of International Livestock Exports had an export licence suspended over animal welfare concerns in 2003. The company was involved in the Cormo Express debacle in which 5691 sheep died on board a ship refused entry by Middle Eastern ports.

They warned the Gillard government's live export industry taskforce in January that exporters to the Middle East were not ready to implement the government's new animal welfare regulations after last year's suspension of trade to Indonesia.

Despite the investigation being sparked by footage captured by animal activists, Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig last night insisted the report was evidence the new regulatory system was working.

"There is now a system in place that allows the regulator to identify supply chains, identify animals and identify exporters," he said. "The new system provides the checks and balances the community expects for the live export trade to continue."

Senator Ludwig suspended the $326 million a year live cattle trade to Indonesia in June after Four Corners showed Australian animals being mistreated.

Live cattle exporters caught out again

    by: Milanda Rout
    From: The Australian
    May 18, 2012
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