Author Topic: Exporters breach animal welfare rules- no surprise there. 18.5.2012  (Read 1395 times)

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It has been reported that Mark IV slaughterboxes have such bad hydraulics that the animals' ribs and hips are crushed in them. As for exporter employed and paid 'animal welfare officers' - does this morally bankrupt government think we'll fall for that?

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Exporters breach animal welfare rules- no surprise there. 18.5.2012
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 09:46:48 AM »
Exporters breach animal welfare rules.

 TWO Australian cattle exporters have breached new live exports rules by using Indonesian abattoirs that did not meet approved standards.

A Federal Government investigation of a complaint from Animals Australia found that International Livestock Exports and North Australian Cattle Company were responsible for 37 breaches of new animal welfare standards.

The department found that two of four abattoirs shown in video footage processed Australian cattle and were part of approved exporter supply chain assurance systems.

These are the guidelines for animal welfare which exporters must show are met by overseas abattoirs they use.

Breaches included not properly restraining heads before killings, not making sure animals were dead, and moving or throwing water on them before confirming their deaths.

The other two abattoirs in the footage also were investigated but the agriculture department found no evidence they were processing Australian animals.

The department will take action against the two exporters, including stopping them from using the abattoirs identified in the footage.

Animal welfare officers must be present in all abattoirs they use where cattle are slaughtered using a modified Mark 4 restraint box without stunning.

"If further animal welfare breaches occur in these exporters supply chains, they face additional penalties under the relevant legislation, including the possible loss of their export licence," department deputy secretary Phillip Glyde said in a statement today.

"The department does not tolerate the mistreatment of animals and takes all allegations of animal welfare abuse seriously."

The investigation also recommended the chief veterinary officer, Mark Schipp, review whether using the Mark 4 restraint boxes with no mechanical head and neck restraint met World Organisation for Animal Health guidelines.

Dr Schipp said he shared the public's concerns about the welfare of the cattle in the footage that was investigated and would reassess the modified restraint boxes.

Animals Australia said the investigation revealed a "fatally flawed system" that was reliant on audits of abattoirs paid for by exporters.

"This is not an auditing system that can be deemed independent and therefore relied upon," campaign director Lyn White said in a statement.

The RSPCA called for the Government to ban the use of all Mark 4 slaughter boxes that helped abattoirs kill fully-conscious animals until Dr Schipp's review was done.

May 18, 2012