Author Topic: Australia shown to be inept. Livestock exporter sanctions criticised.  (Read 688 times)

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Australia shown to be inept. Livestock exporter sanctions criticised.
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Livestock exporter sanctions criticised.

 ANIMAL rights groups and Labor backbenchers have slammed the sanctions issued to livestock exporters who breached animal welfare rules as weak and dismissed claims by the government the new regulations are working.

An investigation, prompted by footage of cruelty shot by Animals Australia investigators in Indonesian abattoirs, has found two exporters International Livestock Exports and North Australian Cattle Company (a subsidiary of agribusiness Elders) were using ''approved supply-chains'' where animal welfare standards were not met, with 37 breaches identified.

Since last year's controversy exporters have been required to have their supply chain independently audited to ensure animal welfare. Despite ILE and NACC using approved supply chains, the report found two abattoirs did not meet

The guilty abattoirs have now been removed from exporters' approved supply chains, and the companies must now employ animal welfare officers to oversee slaughter as well as pay for more frequent audits.

Both companies said they have already taken steps to improve welfare including extra training for staff, increased supervision and CCTV installation.

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who met the industry yesterday, said the investigation showed the system was working.

''Like all areas of life, commonsense tells you overwhelmingly people do the right thing, but there is occasionally the odd person who does the wrong thing. So the system is there to catch and identify those few people who do the wrong thing,'' Ms Gillard said.

Animal groups point out it was a charity's investigation that uncovered breaches, not the audit process. ''The system did not prevent cruelty, which is what it is meant to do,'' Animals Australia's Lyn White said.

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May 19, 2012
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