Author Topic: Jumps Racing Mars Morphetville Again: Media release, Tammy Franks MP  (Read 817 times)

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Jumps Racing Mars Morphetville Again: Media release, Tammy Franks MP
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2012, 05:14:53 PM »
Jumps Racing Mars Morphetville Again 26.05.2012
Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson Tammy Franks has condemned Thoroughbred Racing SA (TRSA) for its failure to stop jumps races after another fiasco at Morphettville today.

Ms Franks stated: “Many horse-lovers and in the general public alike are appalled by the continuation of the anachronistic jumps racing program that condemns horses to suffer and fall on a far too frequent basis.

“The ongoing mayhem witnessed in jumps racing events in both SA & Victoria last year continued today with the fall of Goldtown at Morphettville and the failure of another two horses to finish. Three finishers in a field of six is a farce.

“South Australians have had enough,” Ms Franks said. “This so-called sport does very little for the South Australian economy, with most horses and trainers from interstate and most of the prize money going over our borders as well.

“Minister Kenyon's refusal to take action last year and ban jumps racing sends the wrong message that cruelty to animals is somehow acceptable entertainment in SA.

“South Australians, like most Australians, by and large do not support cruelty to animals and do not support jumps racing.

“There’s no doubt that if not stopped that jumps racing deaths and injuries will continue to mar the reputation of the broader racing industry.

“Today's fiasco with only three horses actually finishing follows five deaths in SA and another six in Victoria in the last season alone. With a death rate between 10-20 times that of flats racing, it is little wonder no other states stage these events and that NSW banned jumps racing outright under animal welfare laws.

“The parliament is on notice following the advice provided from the Animal Law Committee of the Law Society that indicated that jumps racing may contravene the existing Animal Welfare Act.

Although this opinion has been ignored then by the Minister for Sport, Tom Kenyon, the continuing deaths and injuries mean it will not be ignored by the community," Ms Franks concluded.

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