Author Topic: "There is a home for everything except the moo," he said. (MLA spokesperson)  (Read 2734 times)


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Bullish ... Cameron Crowley ensures no part of the cow goes to waste / Pic: Cameron Richardson Source:The Daily Telegraph

THEY'RE the bits of the beast no one wants to eat but, for Cameron Crowley, leftovers aren't left out.The Dubbo man has turned slaughterhouse cast-offs into a lucrative business, collecting odd bits like tracheas and gallstones to sell to the pharmaceutical sector for medical treatments.

New developments include wound-healing compounds taken from the lens of cow eyes - while bovine blood is valued for vaccines because of its rich protein content.

The Meat and Livestock Australia said that these "co-products" accounted for about 11 per cent of an animal's total worth in a $1.7 billion-a-year industry.

The most sought after cast-off is tallow, with about 560,000 tonnes produced each year. About 70 per cent is exported to markets in China, Taiwan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Mr Crowley's Maverick Bio is one of a dozen Australian companies going into abattoirs to collect co-products, mostly sold for export.

In one job his team collected gall bladders that were used to make two million tuberculosis vaccines in Europe.

"We customise supply to suit our customers peculiar needs," Mr Crowley said.

A MLA spokesman said harvesting co-products helped farmers get maximum benefits from their beasts.

"There is a home for everything except the moo," he said.

"Traditionally farmers have never let anything go to waste - everything is used - but what has changed is when things are boiled down it has a higher value, which is sustainable for the industry."

York Foods spokeswoman Heidi Cheney, whose company uses selected cow fat to produce dripping and lard, said there had been a resurgence in interest in her products because of changing perceptions about healthy fats which are essential for the body.

"It's certainly an exciting industry that we are passionate about," Ms Cheney said.

Samantha Townsend The Daily Telegraph June 06, 2012
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