Author Topic: More details emerge of animal cruelty 18.6.2012  (Read 741 times)


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Re: More details emerge of animal cruelty 18.6.2012
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What the..."There's no excuse for repeat offending."

There is no excuse for offending at all..but offending occurs because the industry doesn't care about the animals. Worse still the authorities have developed a system so that they dont get the details of offending..

And now they want authorities to wait how many times before action is taken. Wake up WA, it is happening now. 

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More details emerge of animal cruelty 18.6.2012
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Details are emerging of the cases of cruelty to livestock in documents released under Freedom of Information. In one case, a man in Western Australia was fined for throwing two sheep off the top of a truck at an abattoir in Gingin in 2009.

 Other cases, with names and addresses blacked out, describe in-grown horns, infected hooves in cattle and heavily pregnant cattle loaded onto trucks.

 Animal rights group Animals Australia requested the documents from the Department of Agriculture, but isn't commenting until it learns more wbout what action was taken against the offenders.

 Some cruelty cases were described as isolated incidents.

 Cattle Council president Andrew Ogilvie says strong penalties are welcome for repeated acts of cruelty.

 "Quite often these animal welfare breaches are one off and the warning is sufficient. The farmer doesn't offend again," he said.

 "But we would certainly support prosecution for repeat offending. There's no excuse for repeat offending."

By Sarina Locke

Monday, 18/06/2012
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