Author Topic: Exporters happy to send AU cattle to their death in cruel Egypt 29.6.2012  (Read 661 times)

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Egypt-bound cattle ships are filling a gap By Matt Brann

 Friday, 29/06/2012
 Cattle are being sourced in big numbers from across the north of Western Australia to fill live export ships bound for Egypt.

 More than 16,000 head left the Broome port this week for Egypt, with a similar-sized ship due out in the middle of July.

 Keith Anderson, from Jubilee Downs, is getting cattle ready for that shipment.

 He says it's a great alternative for cattle which can't be shipped to Indonesia.

 "It's an opportunity to off-load those cattle which are above the 350 kilo (weight limit for Indonesia)," he said.

 "And they're also taking a broader range (of cattle), not just the Brahman type.

 "So it really is a saviour, because there's a lot of cattle in the Kimberley that don't meet the specifications for Indonesia, so any alternative market is handy and appreciated."