Author Topic: Chicken Run 2012 - Australia’s Largest Farmed Animal Rescue!  (Read 2650 times)

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Chicken Run 2012 - Australia’s Largest Farmed Animal Rescue!
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From Pam Ahern at Edgar's Mission... Chicken Run – Australia’s Largest Farm Animal Rescue is underway! It began on Wednesday July 4th with a call from a battery cage chicken farmer who wants out, but doesn’t want the hens to be killed.

Every day we head down to rescue as many as possible but we need your help! This is an enormous operation, but you can be involved by adopting a hen, volunteering at Edgar’s Mission or making a donation to help us continue. We wish to sincerely thank everyone who is assisting so selflessly to make this possible.
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 ‘Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party’. Edgar’s Mission is currently looking to rehome several battery hens that have been surrendered by a battery hen farmer who wants out and doesn’t want to send the hens to slaughter.  The farmer has requested confidentiality, as such we cannot provide any further details.  If you are able to open your heart and home to some of these special hens please download and forward a completed prospective adoption form ( to us ASAP. Please note these hens are at the end of their ‘productive commercial life’, so will not lay many eggs, many are suffering feather loss and they have never experienced the joys of life and all are going to need lots of TLC.

We need to ensure that hens are only rehomed to the most suitable loving and safe homes,  under the care of people who are prepared to go the extra yards for these poor hens who may well encounter health issues down the track as a result of their unnatural start in life.  A fox proof enclosure is a MUST. All hens will be health checked before rehoming.  If you are interested we ask that you take more than a moment to become familiar with the special needs of ex-battery hens and we recommend you read this link, ( and consult with your veterinarian to ensure they will be able to provide you with back up assistance in caring for your new friends.  Hens will need to be collected ASAP in order for more hens to be rescued and can only be transported in suitable carriers.  Please note you MUST make a time to collect hens, DO NOT simply turn up.  You will be contacted after receipt of your completed form to arrange a time of collection.

As you can imagine this is a very hectic time for us, so please keep contact to only the essential and understand that we may not be able to respond in a timely fashion to every inquiry but we will as always do our best.  Our priority is, as always to the animals in our care.  The best form of communication is via email or send a text to 0408 397 301. More details as they come to hand.
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