Author Topic: Sheep, diary cattle and camels exported live from Northern Territory to Malaysia  (Read 658 times)

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Rare shipment of sheep from the Northern Territory By Caddie Brain
 Friday, 03/08/2012
  More than 700 sheep are yarded in Alice Springs for the first time in decades.

 The dorper-cross ewes, from Redcliffe Station in Burru in South Australia, will be shipped out of Darwin to Malaysia this weekend, along with a herd of dairy cattle and a few camels.

 Operations manager at the Bohning Yards, Jim Willoughby, says the last time sheep passed through the Centre was in the 1980s.

 "I don't know of the last time a shipment of sheep went out of Darwin. I know some goats went out of Darwin a few years ago," he said.

 "I've just got to supply a motel room and a bit of champagne and caviar for a day or so.

 "But I'd forgotten what sheep smell like. I've only been up here 18 months or something, and they turned up here this morning and I though 'God!' - and I used to be a shearer!"