Author Topic: Abbott supports live exports - be careful what you wish for  (Read 949 times)

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Abbott supports live exports - be careful what you wish for
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Territory leader acted like 'a doormat' during cattle ban, says Abbott

The Federal Opposition Leader says the Northern Territory's Chief Minister acted like "a doormat" during last year's suspension of the live cattle trade to Indonesia. Tony Abbott made the comment in front of 600 people attending last night's launch of the Country Liberals' Territory election campaign in Darwin.

 "Julia Gillard's live cattle ban put a $300 million industry at risk and threatened thousands of jobs here in the Territory," he said.
 "Where was Paul Henderson when the Territory needed a leader, not a doormat?"

 At the Noonamah cattle yards outside Darwin today, Mr Abbott described the live export ban as the low point in relations between Australia and Indonesia.

 Chief Minister Paul Henderson responded to Mr Abbott's criticism by saying he immediately opposed the live export ban.

 He says he has been helping cattlemen find new markets and repair the damage to their industry.

 "At the end of the day this is a political campaign," he said.

 "Tony Abbott can swing into town, Terry Mills can try and salvage some credibility on leadership by clinging to his petticoat.

 "They can throw insults around, but the cattlemen of the Northern Territory knew I stood up for them."
 Executive director of the NT Cattlemen's Association, Luke Bowen, says he "wouldn't play politics" by answering the question on whether Paul Henderson had been "a doormat".

 "The Northern Territory Parliament came up with a bipartisan position and regardless of how they got there, at the end of the day the Territory Parliament came out with a bipartisan position in supporting the northern Australian cattle industry and took that message to Canberra quite strongly," he said.

 "So regardless of how he (Henderson) got there, that's what we had and I think that is always going to be important from any Chief Minister, that at the end of the day, they have to stand up, regardless of their politics, regardless of the politics in Canberra.

 "It's about good government and that's what we're interested in, good strong leadership, and that's what we want in the future as well."

By Matt Brann and ABC News
Wednesday, 08/08/2012
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