Author Topic: Wilkie attempts to "put a little humanity into a very inhumane industry" 10.9.12  (Read 2006 times)

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 Wilkie attempts livestock stunning change   
  • From:  AAP 
  • September 10, 2012
INDEPENDENT MP Andrew Wilkie is making another attempt to enforce the stunning of Australian livestock before they are slaughtered overseas.
     Cattle are loaded into a truck for export height=237   Independent MP Andrew Wilkie wants to see stunning of livestock before they are exported overseas.  AAP

Mr Wilkie introduced a private member's bill on Monday to create a definition of "treated humanely" in relation to the livestock trade, which includes the pre-slaughter stunning requirement.

The bill would require the government to act against any exporter suspected of inhumane treatment.

Mr Wilkie introduced a similar measure after the cruel treatment of Australian cattle in some Indonesian abattoirs was revealed last year.

It lapsed after it was denied debating time.

Mr Wilkie said his bill would cover cattle, sheep - which were recently reported to have been killed cruelly in Kuwait - and goats.

He said it was way beyond time the government, with opposition support, cracked down on the "unconscionable" cruelty of the live export trade.

His measure would "put a little humanity into a very inhumane industry".

Debate on the Livestock Export (Animal Welfare Conditions) Bill 2012 was adjourned