Author Topic: animal exports: RSPCA checks lorries carting sheep- doesnt happen here!  (Read 651 times)

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RSPCA probe as live exports lorry stopped at Ramsgate port

  Sheep being herded on to a vehicle - generic image height=171

Thanet Council wants live exports to be suspended at Ramsgate because of a lack of facilities   

A lorry loaded with sheep has been stopped at the Port of Ramsgate in Kent and declared unfit to travel, the RSPCA has said.

Two sheep on board needed vet treatment and one of them had a broken leg, a spokeswoman for the charity said.

She said RSPCA officers at the port would investigate the incident with a view to a possible prosecution.

The sheep had been unloaded at the port and hauliers were trying to find a new lorry, she added.

This week, Thanet District Council called for the government to suspend shipments of live animals through Ramsgate port because of a lack of facilities.

Leader Clive Hart wrote to the Environment Secretary with five requests including establishing formal resting pens as a matter of urgency, allowing RSPCA officers to inspect lorries transporting live animals, and authorising the RSPCA to check ventilation and water systems.
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