Author Topic: A live export permit to ship sheep to the Middle East is imminent 21.9.2012  (Read 745 times)

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A live export permit to ship sheep to the Middle East is imminent 21.9.2012
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Getting a clear timeframe on when an approval for the next live export permit will be granted to ship sheep to the Middle East is difficult, but it appears an approval could occur within a week. 

The Pastoralists and Graziers Association believes it's going to take some time to sort through the issues surrounding the stalled shipments of sheep to the Middle East.
Newdegate farmer Bob Iffla revealed he'd heard it could be January/February before the trade resumes.
Industry sources say they sort of timeframe would mark the end of the trade.

Rob Gillam, president of the PGA, says an export permit to ship sheep to the Middle East needs to be approved by the end of the month, or the industry will be in real strife.
"Ah look. it doesn't look to me like there's going to be a quick breakthrough that's for sure. But at the same time the minister (Joe Ludwig) I asked him, I didn't ask him when he would reissue permits through the regulator, I did say to him are you making progress and he said 'yes we are making progress, albeit slowly'. So just how much that actually means I'm not too sure," he said.
"If this lack of permits is still happening at the end of October, it's going to have a very, very bad effect and if you want to worry about welfare it'll be very difficult for Australian farmers to guarantee the welfare of a lot of their animals."
The WA Livestock Exporters Association says the industry will not have to wait until January/February for the next export permit to be approved.
John Edwards is the chairman of the Association and he says an approval is imminent.
"Industry players have a number of approvals in front of government currently and they're working their way through those approvals and the process that goes with them," he said.
"I'd have to be confident in saying we're not far away from reaching a solution be that today or be that the end of next week.
"It's a protracted process that we're working through with a lot of sensitivities attached to it, but you can rest assured that industry is pushing as hard as hell on this very issue."
Mr Edwards stressed the problem is complicated and relies on the resolve of government to listen to exporters, producers and overseas customers and governments.

By Belinda Varischetti
Friday, 21/09/2012
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