Author Topic: Poor Australian Sheep 21.9.2012  (Read 695 times)

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Poor Australian Sheep 21.9.2012
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 07:32:49 PM »
It is a matter of deep concern for the animal lovers particularly that of Pakistan that over twenty-one thousand sheep imported from Australia are being culled with the pretext that they are affected with Foot and Mouth disease (F&MD).

The manner by which they are being handled is the most unprofessional, unethical and unwanted F&MD does not warrant destruction of animals in our country (it is only done) F&MD free countries like Britain, etc. It has never been done.

It will be interesting that if some department/ organization has record of such destruction that i.e. destruction of animals due to evidence of F&MD. I know that not a single sheep and goat, etc. has ever been destroyed due to F&MD in Pakistan.

I am saying this because I have been working in different slaughter houses for many years and have had the experience of performing antemortem and post mortem examination of hundred and thousands of sheep, goat, and cattle.

During this procedure I came across many animals suffering from (F&MD) while performing the anti-mortem examination. The animals so, detected are not allowed to be slaughtered, rather they are advised treatment and after being treated they are passed for slaughter provided they have no other ailment.

Remember that F&MD does not fall in the category of Zoonoses or meat bone disease like Tuberculoses, Rabies, and Anthrax.

Our is an Islamic Republic of Pakistan and we are the follower of the Holy Prophet (SAS) who has cautioned every Muslim that killing of an animal without any need is a great sin and one of the Hadis the Holy Prophet (SAS) has said that any one who kills even a Kunjushak (a small bird) without haq (right) will be answerable to Allah Subhana Ho Wa Tala.

On this the companions of Prophet (SAS) asked O Massenger of Allah subhana ho wa tala what is his haq(right) on us. On this the Holy Prophet (SAS) said if you slaughtered an animal you must eat it, it is not allowed that after cutting the throat you throw away the car-case.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) further said that animal which will be killed and not consumed will complain to Allah subhaho wa tala on Day of Judgment, that so and so killed me without sufficient reason and need.

It is suggested that the high level board be constituted to go into entire/minute details. Meanwhile the leftover sheep must be properly looked after by providing them suitable shade, shelter, water and food as no body has the right to deprive them of their basic rights of food, water and shelter.

 Lt Col (R) Manzoor Ahmed Waheed
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