Author Topic: Vets group (VALE) steps up attack on live export system 1.10.2012  (Read 689 times)

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Vets group (VALE) steps up attack on live export system 1.10.2012
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 12:26:23 PM »
The animal welfare lobby group, Vets Against Live Export (VALE), says the latest case of cruelty to sheep in Pakistan is proof the whole live export system is failing. 

Over the weekend, a court in Karachi gave about 10,000 Australian sheep a stay of execution, while further independent testing is carried out to confirm that they're free of disease, after more than 10,000 others were inhumanely slaughtered or even buried alive.

VALE believes exporters are hiding behind the defence that events can happen at the end destination which are beyond their control.

Dr Sue Foster says the ESCAS welfare assurance system doesn't work because nothing can fully protect Australian animals once they board an export ship.

"ESCAS only will ever work to a point, no matter how hard the exporter tries and how hard the government tries," she said.

"I think what the Pakistan voyage shows is that the situation is uniquely and inherently risky, we just don't have control."

By Olivia Garnett

Monday, 01/10/2012