Author Topic: Govt 'failing' on live animal exports  (Read 1666 times)

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Govt 'failing' on live animal exports
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2012, 03:56:54 PM »
Hundreds of protesters have gathered at a rally in Brisbane to ban live animal exports.
 THE federal government has failed to address concerns about live animal exports, the Australian Greens say.

 Protesters gather outside Parliament House in Brisbane. height=237
Greens Senator Larissa Waters said on Saturday the government's efforts in response to the "public outcry" against the inhumane slaughter of cattle and sheep aren't working.

"We're still seeing the mistreatment and the terrible suffering and deaths of our cattle and our sheep," she told hundreds gathered at a rally to ban live exports in Brisbane.

"And that is totally avoidable."

Protesters gathered outside Parliament House waving placards with messages such as "Australia their blood is on your hands" in one of seven rallies around the country organised by Animals Australia.

Senator Waters urged them to take their "No ban no vote" message to their elected politicians.

"That's about the only thing the other politicians do seem to listen to," she said.

The Greens Senator received applause and cheers when she said her party had introduced a bill into the Senate to ban live exports.
"We won't give up on this issue," she said.

RSPCA Queensland president Eileen Thumpkin said calls to ban live exports were not a fringe interest.

"It's a social expectation, it is an economic expectation, and it is now a political expectation," she told rally-goers.

Animal Liberation Queensland, who helped organise the Brisbane rally, said a petition urging the government to ban live exports received 1000 signatures during the protest.
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