Author Topic: Brutal Egypt will finally slaughter the 30000 HGP stranded cattle. 8.10.2012  (Read 678 times)

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Brutal Egypt will finally slaughter the 30000 HGP stranded cattle. 8.10.2012
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 01:27:24 PM »
Cattle stranded in Egypt to be finally slaughtered.
Australian cattle stranded in Egypt, after some were found to have hormone growth promotant implants, will now be processed for human consumption.  Thirty thousand cattle have been held in a feedlot for almost two months after the implants were found, despite Egypt placing no restrictions on HGPs in the past.
Egyptian authorities have now decided that cattle without the implants can be processed immediately, and those with implants can be slaughtered 60 days after the implants have been removed.
Alison Penfold, from the Livestock Exporters Council, says it's good news.
"Particularly when the fuss has been made over something that's just not accurate. Those animals have been in the feedlot, they'd be pretty big, yes," she said.
"There's boats on the water, some I think are landing pretty soon. So consignments are flowing which is good."
Meanwhile, further testing on sheep stranded at a feedlot in Pakistan is due to be completed and a report sent back to the province's High Court within days.
Pakistani officials want to cull the sheep which they say are diseased, but the Australian exporter and Pakistani importer dispute that.

Video has since emerged which appears to show at least some of those sheep being brutally killed.

The Sindh Province High Court ordered the cull to stop until it gets the latest results on the health of the sheep.

By Anna Vidot
 Monday, 08/10/2012