Author Topic: Sharks lick their lips over live sheep exports  (Read 657 times)

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Sharks lick their lips over live sheep exports
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2012, 07:50:18 PM »
  The images of sheep being brutally killed in Pakistan have shocked everyone from consumers to exporters.      Sheep being loaded on ships for export height=394 Sheep being loaded onto ship for export  (7pm TV News WA)
 But for many sheep farmers, live exports have been a great way to make money in tough times.

 Alan Malcolm is a sheep farmer from Hopetoun, in western Victoria, and he used to sell wethers for export.

 "(The trade) grew up in the early 1990's when the Middle East demanded our sheep and there was a lot of sheep in Australia and it was a very good outlet for them."

 At that time, Mr Malcolm visited Kuwait while working for the Australian Barley Board.

 He says he received a rare insight into the trade.

 "It'd only been 10 years since the first Gulf War at the time and when the Port of Kuwait had been completely demolished."

 "And they rebuilt the whole port and when we were there, there was a live sheep ship in port and our driver took us for a trip around the port and made the comment that until the live sheep trade started, they never had sharks over there."

 "He made the comment, and I don't know how serious he was, that sharks were following the ships all the way from the southern waters to the Middle East...that the sharks saw it as meals on wheels, or meals on water, call it what you like."

By Lucy Barbour Tuesday,
9 October  2012
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