Author Topic: Pakistan condemns Australian sheep cert. The Australian 12.10.2012  (Read 1668 times)

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Pakistan condemns Australian sheep cert. The Australian 12.10.2012
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 An official Australian vet certificate of health for tens of thousands of sheep is ''fake and bogus'' according to a damning Pakistan government report into 21,000 Australian sheep imported into Karachi.
      More than 20,000 sheep imported to Pakistan have been given a clean bill of health. A Pakistan government report claims health certification of 21,000 Australian sheep imported into Karachi was bogus. Photo: AFP

The report found Pakistan's quarantine laws were breached when the sheep, previously rejected by Bahrain, were allowed into Karachi and then stored in a slaughter house with other animals.

The report also claims nearly 1500 sheep are missing when compared to official counts.

The sheep arrived in Karachi in early September after being rejected by Bahrain because the sheep had scabby mouth. After two weeks at sea the sheep were sold to Pakistan, the first consignment of Australian sheep for several years.

Since arriving the flock has been plagued by allegations of disease and were ordered culled by local authorities, more than 7000 were killed, many of them brutally, before a court ordered an injunction while further tests are carried in London.

The court is due to rule on whether the cull will re-commence this afternoon .

The case has revived vocal calls from the public, the Greens Labor backbenchers and independents for the live export trade to be banned.

An Australian certificate of health was questioned by the investigators as to why it was authorised 27 days after the ship left Fremantle and used as the basis for approving their arrival in Pakistan.

''[It] seems to be fake and bogus.''

An Australian department of Agriculture spokesman rejected claims that the Vet's report was inaccurate and stood by the authenticity of the documentation.

''A new animal health certificate was issued by DAFF on 1 September 2012. The document was issued in accordance with Pakistan animal health requirements,'' he said.

The Pakistan report also slammed the on-board health checks before the import was cleared, because it was completed by just two people.

''The thorough veterinary inspection of 21000 sheep on board was very important, sensitive and crucial one and it was beyond the capabilities of only two officers to handle such a huge consignment,'' the report said.

''The proper detailed veterinary inspection on board has not been conducted. If thorough inspection on board might had been conducted, then the consequences which the country is facing today could have been avoided.''

The report also says the purpose of quarantine was defeated when imported sheep were sent at a slaughter house where other animals were also kept for slaughtering.

The Pakistan inquiry's investigators found a handful of scabby mouth cases during their investigation but allegations of more serious diseases such as anthrax were not verified.
Date October 12, 2012   

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