Author Topic: Fate of Australian sheep in Pakistan still unknown 17.10.2012  (Read 652 times)

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Fate of Australian sheep in Pakistan still unknown 17.10.2012
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The fate of Australian sheep in Pakistan remains unknown, as the High Court has adjourned the case until tomorrow (Thursday).  Wellard Rural Exports and the importers PK Livestock had applied to the Sindh High Court to overturn a cull of the sheep, which were unloaded at Karachi six weeks ago.

Only 11,000 of the initial 21,000 sheep remain alive, because the Sindh Livestock Department had declared them a disease risk and ordered a cull.

The court is considering results from an independent UK laboratory, the Pirbright Institute, which has now found the animals are healthy and free of the infectious Bluetongue, Peste virus and foot and mouth disease.

The Court has not provided any indication whether a decision will be handed down when the hearing resumes.

The case of these Australian sheep has been controversial since they were rejected by Bahrain in early September, and were sent on for processing in Pakistan.

At one point, in mid-September, staff caring for the animals were forced off the premises while the cull was carried out, with reports it was handled brutally.
That cull was suspended three weeks ago, pending a court decision on whether it was safe to put the meat into the market.
The sheep remain in the care of PK Livestock and Wellard.
by Sarina Locke
Wednesday 13 October 2012