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Pakistan: Untrained butchers hack away at the throats of live sheep.
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Culling of 'healthy' sheep resumes: Karachi.

With a blunt knife in his hands, a butcher slashed back and forth at the throat of one of the remaining 11,000 Australian sheep, much to the agony of the unfortunate animal. A swift and painless death it was not to be.

The fate of the remaining sheep was much the same as the Sindh Livestock Department, along with district administration officials, resumed the culling process of the sheep on Friday, despite the fact that the animals had been declared disease-free by laboratories in Pakistan and the United Kingdom (UK). The latest actions of the provincial government left the importer of the sheep and the Australian High Commission in a state of shock.

After the owner of PK Livestock Company, Tariq Mehmood Butt, withdrew his petition from the Sindh High Court on Thursday, the fate of the remaining 11,000 sheep was left in the hands of the livestock department, who arrived at the Razzaqabad farm the very next morning to finish off the job they had started last month.

As the culling resumed, another video emerged from the scene of the mass slaughter, which showed that once the animals had been killed, their bodies – dozens at a time — were scooped up by bulldozers, placed in trucks and finally dumped in trenches.

“The culling of the sheep is being carried out by the provincial livestock officials, while the district administration is providing support. So far, 7,500 sheep have been culled and buried as per the advice of livestock experts,” Deputy Commissioner of Malir, Qazi Jan Muhammad, told The News.

He confirmed that the fate of the “diseased” sheep had been sealed and there were no restrictions on the culling process after the Sindh High Court dismissed the petition of the importer and the stay order was withdrawn.
The deputy commissioner expressed his ignorance of any “out-of-court settlement”, saying the administration was simply following directives to assist the livestock department.

District Administration Malir officials, along with roughly 100 butchers and over 200 police officers, reached the farm of the importer, where the remaining 11,306 sheep were being kept. After taking control of the farm from employees of PK Livestock, they started culling the sheep in the same inhumane manner in September by slitting their throats in haste and throwing their carcasses on trucks to be buried in trenches outside the farm.

“Officials of district government and livestock department arrived in the early morning and were in such haste that they started culling the sheep before the sun could rise.” Muhammad Baloch, an employee of the PK Livestock and Meat Company, told The News.

Other workers said that the latest culling forced them to relive the gruesome memories of last month. They added that the untrained butchers were without any protective gear and proceeded to slash away at the throats of the sheep. “They have no regard for innocent animals, which can’t even protest against this cruelty,” one of them said.

Importer Tariq Mehmood Butt, who was extremely agitated over the resumption of the culling, claimed he was “betrayed” by provincial authorities. He added that officials assured him that if the case was withdrawn from the high court, the importer would be allowed to slaughter the remaining sheep and export their meat.

“I have been betrayed. Not only I, but the Australian High Commissioner in Pakistan, and the entire nation were betrayed today. The real animals are the ones who are killing these sheep without any mercy, despite the fact that an international lab of repute declared that the livestock was not diseased,” he said.

Butt claimed that he had been assured by provincial government officials that his sheep would not be touched if he withdrew the case and did not approach any court for damages or punishment against the officials.

The Australian high commissioner in Islamabad, Peter Heyward, had welcomed the ‘out of court’ settlement on Thursday and hoped that the sheep would be allowed to be “processed as intended”.

Even the Australian exporter, Wellard Rural Exports, welcomed the settlement and said that the sheep would be slaughtered at the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) abattoir of PK Livestock.

The Australian High Commission official, Melissa Kelly, who pursued the case of the Australian sheep with local authorities, could not be approached for her comments. However, a spokesman said that the high commission was shocked by this latest development.

“We are shocked and surprised and still trying to find out what is happening in Karachi. Yes, we have learnt about the resumption of culling and trying to ascertain the facts,” he said.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012
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