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Opinion: The images will stay with me forever. Animal Justice Party
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Like tens of thousands of decent, caring, hardworking Australians, the Animal Justice Party of Australia (AJP) is appalled and sickened by the horror shown on the Four Corners program ‘Another Bloody

Business’ on Monday evening, November 5. 2012

 Picture from Animals Australia

Four Corners program can be seen here

This is one of the sheep who was dug up out of the burial pits, still clinging to life, only to be brutally and painfully killed

Presented by respected and veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien, Walkley Award and Voiceless Media Prize winner Sarah Ferguson traced the fate of 22,000 sheep who were rejected by Bahraini authorities on disease grounds. It was readily established that the Australian government, working in collaboration with Wellard Rural Exports, fast-tracked ESCAS approval, on the quiet as far as Pakistan was concerned, to land the sheep in Karachi to avoid discovery by the Australian media and general public. The horrendous, brutal massacre of the sheep in Pakistan was shown in graphic detail, including the digging up of still-living sheep out of trenches only to slowly and brutally finally kill them.

AJP Management Committee representative Suzanne Cass is still traumatised by what she saw.

‘The images of the truly pitiful, still living sheep dug out of trenches will stay with me forever’ she said.

‘The Australian community will not forgive the Government and the Minister this time’, she continued. ‘What we saw was a horrific assault upon any standards of common decency and morality. Worse still, the Australian government approved a shipment of breeding cattle to sail on the worst ship in the trade for Pakistan in recent days.

‘The Minister tried to imply that these animals would somehow be protected under his failed ESCAS system, which does not even extend to breeding animals – and now we have seen what Pakistan, and other countries, are capable of, this shipment should never, ever have been approved. Minister Ludwig and his department have defrauded and misled the Australian community, pretending that this so-called regulatory system was ever going to work; how can it, when the exporters are policing themselves? Ludwig’s response to questioning from Kerry O’Brien was just a disgrace. He tried to dodge questions and couldn’t even confirm what his own Department said – that the same thing can happen again in any market to which Australia sends live animals’

The live export industry and the government both claim that the Wellard incident was an ‘isolated’ one, and ‘unprecedented’.

‘How many ‘isolated incidents’ with evidence mounting all the time, can be defended’, Ms Cass continued. ‘This was an isolated incident just like all the others even in just the last year since the failed system was implemented.

‘We had another shipment rejected by Kuwait at much the same time as this one on the Ocean Drover  for the same reasons, Australian sheep were found being brutally butchered at an ESCAS banned marketplace in Kuwait, and shipments of cattle have been rejected by both Indonesia and Egypt. Today, reports have surfaced from Egypt that the ears of all Australian cattle are to be cut off BEFORE slaughter because of hormone growth promotant implants in their ears. A couple of months ago it was revealed that dairy and breeding animals send to Qatar had died horrible deaths from neglect, starvation and heat exhaustion, being sent from the Australian winter to 50 degree temperatures, and just last week, Australian cattle were found still being tortured again in ritual slaughter in Indonesia, outside the great ESCAS system.

‘When will enough be enough?’

The AJP’s priority campaign is the permanent end of the export of live animals for any purpose. The Greens currently have a Bill before Parliament to ban the export of animals for slaughter, but this will not protect animals exported for dairy or breeding purposes.

‘Politicians of all persuasions need to understand, once and for all, that unless they stand up and vote for a permanent ban on the export of live animals, they will feel the pain at the next election’, concluded Ms Cass.

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The images will stay with me forever
Suzanne Cass, Animal Justice Party, MR