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Two questions

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WA Export News:
GK..missing your comments on the latest Egyptian cruelty?

According to you they are all stunned? Really?

Care to emlighten us as to how this latest torture occurred?

Seems the more you lot open your mouths, the more feet fit!!

Export News Tasmania:
GK, where does ESCAS, or indeed any other regulation of 'law' require that all sheep are stunned? It is a baseless. absurd claim, and you know it. And if Australia is so committed to 'improving animal welfare standards' in overseas markets, let them do it without using Australian animals for these savages to practice on. Moreover, we only have the exporters'/government's claim that 80% of cattle are stunned in Indonesia. There is no substantiation of that to be found.
As for the rest of your fiction - I suggest you watch thew Pakistan footage, and the rest of the materials at Animals Australia's, and other related websites, and try to get a grip on reality rather than believing your own propaganda.

The TRUTH is we in Australia have poor welfare standards. Ours pale into insignificance compared to that of Europe.  Australia has its head so far up its own rear end, it really cannot see reality. Our welfare in this country is crap.

So to answer your question, Australia claims many things, none of which they can ever prove.

Our involvement in the ME will never change their way of thinking...and its all a load aimed at shifting the focus from "we are greedy selfserving farmers/exporters who dont give a toss about animals', to we have to do it because we are helping the morons in the ME.

There is no proof of improvements..

As for farmers losing money. We all lose money, have to find jobs etc.. Its just that farmers think AU owes them something. We owe them NOTHING..except a kick up their backside for the misery they cause.

By the way live export supporter animals are not MEAT. They are sentient beings who feel and suffer pain and fear. We can see so easily why YOU like live export. You really have no bloody idea do you?

Live export is cruel. End of.

WA Export News:
How would you know GK that all sheep are stunned.

Again you make unsubstantiated claims without PROOF to back it up.

MLA knew all about the goings on in Indonesia for months...they did NOTHING.

And yet you want millions of us to believe the ESCAS crap? It is meaningless..because it cannot be enforced.  SEE Pakistan if you want proof of that.

Please use your farmer blogs to prattle your dribble.

We provide PROOF and fact...not fiction.

WA Export News:
I beg to differ GK. The argument by the LE trade is that Australia's involvement in the ME makes huge improvements to the way live animals are treated.

Of course this is pure fiction. We see no proof nor do we hear the animal welfare groups in the ME calling for Australian animals because this nations involvement has improved the lives of animals in the ME. To the contrary.

As for the ruination of farmers...absolute twaddle.

This trade is simply a cruel and barbaric one which should be stopped...if we were decent and humane beings.

Perhaps you should take a look at what happens overseas GK instead of spruiking fantasy.


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