Author Topic: Another sad, disgraceful chapter of the endemic animal abuse (in Tasmania)  (Read 504 times)

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Another sad, disgraceful chapter of the endemic animal abuse (in Tasmania)
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Today, the Mercury revealed the battle it was forced to undertake to obtain photographs and video footage of animal ‘researchers’ spraying ‘super-strength’ capsicum spray into the eyes of terrified and distressed caged fur seals in 2008, having earlier reported the matter last August. Just five photographs were released, and, given the extreme nature of this torture it is hardly surprising that the Department claims to have ‘lost’ the film footage.


Mercury report (and pictures) here:

The Mercury had requested the information under Freedom of Information provisions, and was ultimately to take the matter to the Ombudsman.

This horror story brings a sharp focus on what sort of animal protection regime we have in Tasmania, when an animal ethics committee would approve such a blatant act of aggravated cruelty in the first instance, and why the Animal Welfare Advisory did not step in and put a stop to this cruelty before it started.

Where was the RSPCA when these appalling acts took place, since to cage fur seals and subject them to this level of pain and suffering clearly breaches the cruelty provisions of the Animal Welfare Act? What sort of people do we have working in ‘Animal Research’ that they can deliberately and cruelly cage these animals, torment them with allegedly triple strength oleoresin capsicum spray in what was an experiment for commercial purposes without any other validity at all (to see if it would deter the seals from invading salmon farms)? What sort of Minister do we have in David O’Byrne that he approved this substance to be used upon the seals?

It comes as no surprise to see Biosecurity Manager Alex Schaap’s view that he ‘didn’t think the breach was severe enough to warrant investigation of cruelty charges’. Perhaps Mr Schaap has never actually read the Animal Welfare Act, because clearly he has no understanding of what gross animal abuse is, and he is a man who has yet to demonstrate a commitment to any form of animal protection in the state at all. Added to which we have a Minister in charge of the Animal Welfare portfolio who is a proudly self-professed killer of animals. This is the same Minister who has reneged on the ban on sow stalls, leaving it to the major supermarkets to put an end to this obscene cruelty to pigs.

This is another sad, disgraceful chapter of the endemic animal abuse of which Tasmania should be deeply, deeply ashamed.

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