Author Topic: Ban horrific halal abattoirs as cruel & inhumane - AU website.  (Read 1250 times)

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Ban horrific halal abattoirs as cruel & inhumane - AU website.
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A sentient animal (like this healthy goat below) is initially trusting of human caretakers, but upon the knife stroke and pain is conscious of being killed,  and is so stressed (as any human would be).

The animal dies from bleeding to death while conscious.  It suffers pain from the knife cutting into its flesh, its arteries, its oesophagus. To eat meat killed without instant death by stunning/shot, any alternate practice is unnecessary, by choice, barbaric and immoral.  All animal cruelty must be outlawed, and prescribed into every country’s Crimes Act. The United Nations else needs to universally deem recalcitrant nations, barbaric.
Thus Australia is barbaric, along with Indonesia, Israel and the United States!
Halal Religious Slaughter
..requires throat slitting with a steel knife
The conditions required for ‘halal slaughter‘ require no stunning, instead death is executed manually using a steel knife, irrespective of the consciousness of the victim.
 [Source: Halal Meat International Pty Ltd, ^] .

This article expresses horror and disgust at the immoral treatment of animals by any human.  While this article criticises religious and cultural practices, it is only in respect of how these may cause cruelty to animals. 

This article and this website respects the freedom of all human religions and cultures.  But the moment anyone for whatever reason, belief or justification inflicts cruelty upon any animal, we utterly condemn it as wrong, barbaric and prescribe such action as a crime equal and deserving of the same crime inflicted on a human.
Animals are not anyone’s property, just as women are not the property of men, just like children are not slaves.
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