Author Topic: ESCAS system of 'non independant audits' fails the animals -Israel case.  (Read 1722 times)

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ESCAS system of 'non independant audits' fails the animals -Israel case.
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Bakar Tnuva is the largest slaughterhouse in Israel, and one of two abattoirs recently approved to take Australian animals under the government's new live export regulations.

Video footage taken from September - October shows Australian cattle being punched, kicked and beaten with the worst cruelty inflicted on 'downer' animals who could no longer move or stand up. Evidence documented shows one lame bull poked with an electrified prodder over 100 times in his face, eyes, ears, anus and genitals the entire time bellowing in pain and distress as he made futile attempts to escape his tormentor. Painful electric prodders are used routinely in Bakar Tnuva to abuse animals.

Australian government audit reports indicate that Bakar Tnuva was audited in July two months before this investigation and was found to comply with the new Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System. In fact the only non-compliance picked up in the audit was a rusty gate, which has since been greased.

Bakar Tnuva passed its ESCAS audit despite the abattoir's routine procedures and entrenched behaviour of workers demonstrating multiple breaches of OIE and ESCAS guidelines.
  • Use of a full inversion restraint box which tips cattle upside down for Kosher slaughter.
  • Cattle being hoisted to the ceiling within 30 seconds of the throat cut and without confirmation of loss of consciousness.
  • Routine failure to check animals are dead before further processing.
  • Routine and deliberate use of electric prodders on animals who could no longer stand; who had nowhere to go; or who were already moving in the desired direction.
  • Routine and deliberate use of electric prodders on sensitive areas including the eyes, face, genitalia and anus of cattle.
The auditors who 'inspected' and passed this facility were chosen and paid by the exporter. This presents a system that is completely untrustworthy.

Wherever animals are handled and slaughtered en masse there will be cruelty and suffering. But the failure of the Australian Government's system to ensure facilities can meet even the most basic standards is unforgivable. At the very least, the responsibility for ensuring that a facility can meet standards should rest with Australian government veterinarians.

Please email your Federal MP express your opposition to this cruel trade and demand that while it continues, there must be independent inspection and oversight in importing countries. 
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