Author Topic: Industry claims remaining live export countries to meet ESCAS. Unlikely.  (Read 860 times)

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Why is is 'tough'? Violations are the exception not the rule, compliance is more good luck than good management and no-one in DAFF gives a toss abut the animal torture. Worthless, meaningless 'investigations' reault in no penalties of any substance or meaning.

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Industry claims remaining live export countries to meet ESCAS. Unlikely.
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 01:24:49 AM »
Remaining live export countries to be welfare compliant.

 The race is on for livestock importers buying cattle from Australia to meet the Federal Governments animal welfare standards. Following shocking footage last year of animal cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs processing Australian cattle, the Federal Government introduced new welfare standards known as ESCAS with all importing countries to be compliant by early 2013. 

South East Asian Livestock Export services director Syd Parker says importers are racing to meet the standards, meanwhile he's preparing for a shipment of mainly breeders to leave from the port of Karumba in the next couple of days.

 "We've put 900 breeders and 800 slaughter cattle on the boat and they are heading to Malaysia."

 Mr Parker said they had to make sure the cattle came from properties that were not affected by the bovine Johne's disease occurrences that occurred earlier this month in central Queensland.

 Over 130 properties connected with the central Queensland stud are in the process of being tested for BJD.

 Mr Parker says a shipment of cattle will be heading out of Townsville for Indonesia next week, his company sent a boat load to Vietnam recently and Thailand is close to opening up.

 "It's pretty tough at the moment, all markets have to have Australian animal welfare standards ( ESCAS) in place by the first of January, but quite a number of places haven't fulfilled the requirements yet. Once they get upgraded it wont be too bad. "

By Robin McConchie
 Friday, 28/12/2012
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