Author Topic: Claims there are more ESCAS breaches - Kuwait already under investigation.  (Read 984 times)

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Claims there are more ESCAS breaches - Kuwait already under investigation.
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Claims Australian sheep sold in notorious Kuwaiti abattoir.

 Welfare group Animals Australia claims it has footage showing Australian sheep being sold to markets in Kuwait that aren't approved under Australia's export assurance scheme.
The Department of Agriculture is assessing photographs provided by Animals Australia that allegedly show sheep with Australian ear tags being sold at Kuwait City's al-Rai livestock market.

Sheep in in the al-Bai market allegedly from Australia height=227Sheep in the al-Bai market in Kuwait City, allegedly from Australia.  (Image provided by Animals Australia)
The market is already under investigation by Australian officials over claims that sheep were mistreated and inhumanely slaughtered at the site last August.

Animals Australia campaign director Lyne White says the organisation has clear evidence that the sheep have come from Australia.
"The bottom line is that there is no acceptable level of leakage under this system," she said.
"This is exactly why the system was put in place, to protect animals from the worst abuses of private on-selling.
"The fact that we still have in this case 11 different merchants at this market openly selling Australian sheep is really quite appalling."
The Agriculture Department (DAFF) says it will proceed with a full investigation if it determines there's a basis to Animals Australia's allegations.
It says its inquiry into allegations about mistreatment of Australian sheep in Kuwait last August in continuing, and the findings and outcomes will be made public once this investigation is complete.

By Flint Duxfield

 Monday, 11/02/2013
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