Author Topic: Dogs starving to death eat the dead in 'communities in Northern Territory.  (Read 504 times)

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Dogs starving to death eat the dead in 'communities in Northern Territory.
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Cannibal dogs traumatise town NIGEL ADLAM   |  February 27th, 2013
         DOGS on a Territory community are so hungry that they are eating each other.
Nurses and care workers said puppies were starving to death and being eaten by other puppies and grown dogs.

Joanna Revill, who works for a private nursing company, said her staff were "traumatised" by witnessing the gruesome scenes.

"What happens when there are no more dead puppies to eat? What will the dogs turn on then?"
Ms Revill said there were hundreds of dogs on the Kalano community on the outskirts of Katherine.

She said 17 were inside a fenced compound for residents who needed special care.

    Your Say   "It's these dogs that are starving," she said.

Nurses have complained to police and the RSPCA.

Ms Revill said she had been asking Kalano Community Association to deal with the problem for 12 months.

"They've done nothing and the problem has just got worse," she said.

The nurse said nobody fed the dogs.

"They are just left to starve," she said.
"The dogs don't belong to anybody in particular.

"Dogs are just breeding and breeding at Kalano. There are several pregnant females.

"It's a terrible situation - nurses are turning up for work and seeing dogs eating puppies.

"The dogs are not killing and eating each other. They are eating the puppies when they starve to death.

"It's very distressing for the staff."
The RSPCA's Gill Priddy said the charity had no power to investigate cruelty cases.

She said that was the job of the NT Government's animal welfare office.

Office spokeswoman Trish Grimshaw said two inspectors would be sent to Kalano soon.